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Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting On This Board

This message board is here for sweepers and freebie hunters. We welcome you to share sweepstakes and freebies that you find, ask questions, give answers when you know them or just make some new friends. Chit-chat is more than welcome here.

We've grown a lot since the board first went live in Dec 2000 and new members are joining each day. We feel that a few rules need to be mentioned so there are no misunderstandings. They are not meant to put a damper on anyone's sharing or posting but all public boards need a few rules so posters will know what is expected of them.

The following rules are non-negotiable. Repeated violations could cause us to prevent you from future posting on the board.

1 - Play nice. Remember that people from all over the world visit our site and sometimes without meaning to, words can easily hurt someone's feelings. Before you hit the submit button, read what you've typed and think about whether you'd want those words directed at you. You don't have to be a member of the board in order to read the posts and you never know who is reading what you've said.

2 - There will be no bickering between members. It's ok to disagree with someone but continual disagreeing can be interpreted as bickering or attacking. State your disagreement nicely and move on.

3 - Negative posts will not be tolerated, whether directed at a person or RHSS. This is supposed to be a place where anyone can come and feel good when they leave.

4 - If someone is bothering you on this board, there is something you can do about it.
  • If you don't want to see someone's posts, go to "user cp", click on "Edit Ignore List" and put that member's name on it. This will keep you from seeing anything that person posts anywhere on the board.
  • Report that member or post to us. On the bottom of every post is an icon that says, "Report bad post." A form will pop up and all you have to do is tell us why you are reporting them and will be sent to all moderators on the forum. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.
5 - A thread will be closed, deleted, or modified by RHSS administrators for inappropriate posts that would include:
  • Cutting someone down for what they've said
  • Posts that others may consider rude
  • Conversations or posting ways to "beat the system" or a glitch on an instant win game to produce a "win" is not acceptable anywhere on the board. We don't have a problem with someone saying they won an instant win on a particular page of a website. Just because a win was on that page for you doesn't mean it will be there for the next person if the game is running properly. We don't have a problem with someone saying where to find an entry form that will enter you into a random drawing. While that defeats the purpose of some drawings on websites, that still gives everyone an equal chance of winning.
6 - The following posts will be automatically deleted:
  • Affiliate links belonging to a site or person other than RHSS
  • Referral links
  • Posts by website owners promoting their site. Website owners making a post announcing their sweepstakes is acceptable as long as the link goes directly to the page where the sweep is located.
  • Links to other sweepstakes listing sites, freebie sites, deal sites, and forums for sweepstakes, freebies or deals.
  • Duplicate postings of sweepstakes will be deleted (A duplicate post is a specific sweepstakes drawing with specific dates and prizes that has already been posted by someone.)
7- Any links posted that result in generating revenue for another website or person other than RHSS will be deleted. RHSS will post affiliate/revenue links from time to time but remember that we need to earn money to support the bandwidth for this board and this forum is not here to make money for other sites or individuals.

DO NOT register on RHSS and intentionally post affiliate links to generate sales, or post links to get people to come to your site where you have shopping deals, or post links for any type of incentive that will benefit you. Your post will be edited so that it will not benefit you, your title on RHSS will be changed to Forum Spammer. Spammers are not welcome here and will not be tolerated.

8 - Find and post the URL to the actual site having the drawing or giveaway. Do not post a link to a site that links you to another site for the drawing.

9 - Before you post a new thread, make sure you are posting it in the correct forum.

10 - Please refrain from using all CAPS in your posts. Using all CAPS in most groups is considered yelling and it is also more difficult to read.

11 - Do NOT copy anything from RHSS and post it on other forums/groups. Violations of this policy is not acceptible. Sharing/posting information that you see in the RHSS forums to other forums and groups may result in you losing your access to RHSS.

12 - Signatures must be in good taste. If we receive complaints about your signature or if we feel it is not appropriate, we will ask you to change it.

The following applies to signatures ONLY:

--- Allowed -
a- Images are allowed as long as they are a reasonable size. Large pictures take longer for our forum pages to load. If you put a huge picture in your sig, we may ask you to remove it. Not everyone has high-speed access or the latest browser.
b- Linking to pictures on another website should not be done without that website's permission. Not only do most sites forbid this but you are running up that site's server costs every time the picture is seen.
c- You can have a link to your homepage or website as long as it is not worded as an advertisement.
d- You can have a link asking for votes in a contest that you are in. Any conversations about voting though belong in the "Vote For Me, Pleeeezzzz" forum.

--- NOT Allowed -
a- Links to sites that do not belong to you (This does not apply to #d above)
b- Links to other sweepstakes or freebie sites
c- Advertisements enticing anyone to buy something. If you would like to sell something on our forum, we'll be glad to sell you advertising space.

Effective 2/1/04 the sweepstakes sections of the forum are accessible thru paid membership only.
- To pay membership fees, go to http://www.redhotsweeps.com/forum/payments.php

- Before posting a new sweepstakes, please use the search feature to see if it has already been posted on the forum in the last 6 months. If there is a post that you want brought back to the top of the forum, just reply and make your comments on the existing one.

- Be considerate to your fellow sweepers when posting a new sweep and give as much detail about the drawing as you can find.
- Prizes
- How often you can enter
- Who can enter
- Last date to enter
If a drawing is open only to the US or only to Canada, flag icons are available to choose when you post to identify them so others don't waste time if they aren't allowed to enter. This is not mandatory but is appreciated by all when this is used.

- Do NOT copy a sweepstake/giveaway word-for-word and post it on RHSS that you have found on other sweepstakes forums, newsgroups, and newsletters. Go to the site that is having the giveaway and find the rules and post them in your own words or copy the rules from there.

- Do NOT copy anything from RHSS and post it on other forums. Violations of this policy will not be acceptible since they would be copied from a paid membership forum. Sharing/posting information that you see in the RHSS forums to other forums and groups may result in you losing your access to the sweeps sections of RHSS. If this occurs, refunds for unused membership subscriptions will not be made.

These rules are subject to be modified as time goes on so be sure to read them on an occasional basis.

I know all this sounds like a lot of rules to follow to be able to post on the RHSS sweeps board but we do have a lot of people coming thru here now and it takes our moderators a lot time to review what's being posted and make corrections where needed.

Our moderators help keep the board in good working order because they personally want to help us out and are not paid employees. Don't forget to give them a "Thank you" occasionally for all their hard work.

Now go out there and win something!

(updated on 3/17/05)
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