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Banners are displayed on our forum to non-paid members only. If you would like to visit our forum and not be bothered by banners, please consider purchasing a subscription. With a paid subscription you receive:

1) Full access and posting privileges to all the RHSS forums that list and talk about sweepstakes. At this time, they are:
- New Sweepstakes - Online Entry
- Instant Win Sweeps & Contests
- New Sweepstakes - Snailmail Entry
- Regional Sweepstakes
- Creative Contests
- Trivia Contests
- Watch and Win
- Support Groups - Team Events
- Vote For Me, Pleeeezzzz
- Contest Answers
- Contest Questions
- Winners Lists - Ongoing Sweeps

2) The number of private messages that you are able to have saved in your inbox or sent box is increased from 70 to 150.

3) Upload and have a custom avatar. This feature is not available to non-paying members.

4) Custom titles. You are able to select your forum title if you wish it to be different than the forum generic Sweeper, Sweeper Fanatic, and Sweeper Maniac, provided it is in good taste and not offensive.

5) Special giveaways just for paid members.

6) Ability to be invisible on the forum. This function is not available to non-paying members.

7) Profile Picture. You can now upload your picture so all can see what you look like without having to use your avatar space. Member pictures can be seen in the Members List and on your profile page.

8) Full access and posting privileges to Coupon Traders forum.

9) Posting privileges to Selling at eBay forum.

Current subscription rates are:
1 year = $20
6 months = $15
3 months = $10

1) To pay by Paypal:
- Go to the paid subscriptions page that is accessible from the User CP
- In the dropdown box under "Cost", pick the length of subscription you want and then click on the "Order" button
- You'll be taken to Paypal to pay. Paypal will know who you are and what you're paying for so all you'll need to do is login with your Paypal info and approve the payment.

2) To pay by Credit/Debit Card:
- Paypal processes credit card payments for us. Follow the steps above except when you get to Paypal, choose "Use your credit card or bank account" and click the "Continue" button. You'll fill in all your credit/debit card info on the next page.
- You do NOT need to have a Paypal account and you do NOT open a Paypal account when you use this method. They just process the payment for us.

3) To pay by check/money order:
- Send an email to subscriptions @ redhotwsweeps.com to request our mailing address.

Before paying for a subscription, be sure you have read and are familiar with our forum rules located here. These rules are in place so that all members can enjoy their time at RHSS and are enforced whether you are a paid or non-paid member.

Thank you and I hope you have a WINderful year!

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