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How to Use RoboForm in Sweepstakes

Fill Forms from Identities
When you come to a page with Sweepstakes Entry Form, RoboForm will offer to fill it from your personal profile that we call Identity. You can have many identities, say, one for each family member.

Save Filled Forms to Passcards to Fill In the Saved Data Later
If you had to manually change entry form before submitting it and sweepstake rules allow multiple entries (say, one every day) then you can save the manually fixed form to a Passcard and use this passcard later to fill in the saved form data automatically.

Use Passcards to Breeze thru your Daily Sweeps
Passcards also memorize the URL (web address) of the form that you filled. So you can memorize all your favorite sweepstake entry forms into Passcards and then use the GoFill toolbar command or the GoTo in the Passcard Editor to: (i) navigate your browser to web site with form, (ii) automatically fill this form from passcard.

Why Using RoboForm Does Not Violate Sweepstakes Rules

  • RoboForm is a client-side agent that saves you keystrokes by filling forms for you.

  • Web sites that offer sweepstakes want you to learn about their products and to see their advertising.

  • If you use RoboForm to fill forms on these sites, you still learn about their products and you still see their advertising.

  • Therefore RoboForm is completely legal, because it does not deprive web site owners of their page views and therefore their revenue.

  • Many sweepstakes rules state that "Automated Entry" is illegal. What they mean is that if a program fills an entry form and clicks the Submit button for you then you will not see their site and you will not learn about their products. But RoboForm does not do that -- you still have to check results of form filling and click the Submit button.

RoboForm is FREE with some limitations.

  • It is well-behaved: NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE.

  • Does not monitor user browsing and contains no spyware. Anti-Scumware Organizations recommend RoboForm as a safe replacement for Gator.

  • All personal info is securely stored on your computer only.

Download RoboForm Now!

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